Our Stance Against Unethical Use of Services

Website.com has fought scam sites, malware, and other forms of internet abuse over our decades of service. A recent incident regarding scam websites and phishing attempts has raised questions about unethical practices. After a review of the situation, the unethical website was quickly taken down. We have no tolerance for these kinds of unethical acts and practices. We work diligently to find and take down any content hosted on our websites that is found to be unethical.

Since we began our operations, millions of web pages have been created with our tools. We do everything we can to monitor and prevent abuse. Reports of unethical web pages are taken seriously to keep everyone safe. 

If you encounter any web pages that you believe to be phishing, scams, malware, or any other form of abuse, please file a complaint through our contact us page. Include any relevant evidence you have to best communicate your beliefs, and to help us do our best in our investigations. 

Our Terms and Conditions feature a section detailing “prohibited conduct”. This section includes a non-exclusive list of content and behavior that is prohibited by our services. Read our Terms and Conditions here to learn more. 

Our procedure for discontinuing service for unethical web pages we believe may be violating our Terms and Conditions is based on the complaints we receive from third parties. We welcome and review any inquiries or complaints about web pages being hosted on our service. Be aware that we do not disconnect website subscription services simply because a complaint from a 3rd party has been received. 

If the filing party has evidentiary belief that the domain or website in question is violating initial domain registration rules and our Service Terms and Conditions, they can contact us to file a complaint and begin an investigation. As part of our investigation process, we will attempt to contact the domain administrative contact for resolving issues found. If the administrative contact is uncooperative, further action will be taken and service discontinuation may be considered.

As a provider of resources for website building, we aim to fairly and clearly address any inquiries or complaints we receive about web pages hosted on our services. If you have any further questions about our inquiry and investigation system, or about any other aspects of our services, contact our client support team for assistance.