Sell Custom Products with Personalized Order Detail Forms

Sell Custom Products Blog Feature

Collect additional information from shoppers when they add certain products to their cart. These forms are perfect for selling memberships, custom engraved jewelry, made to order goods and more. Collect anything – from contact and personal details to engraving or customization instructions.

To create a personalized order detail form for a store product:

1. In the website editor, click on Store > Manage Products.

2. Click + Add New Product and input the details for your product.

3. To add a Details Form for your new product, just click + Add New Form Field under the Personalized Order Details Form option.

4. To add more fields to the form, just click + Add New Form Field again. By selecting to make a field mandatory, users must fill in that form field before they can complete their order.

5. When you’ve input all the details for your product, just click Save and then Done. 

6. Publish your website to make the changes go live online. 

You can also add a product form to your existing products – just click Store > Manage Products, and click on a product to edit it and add form fields.