Feature Alert: PageSpeed Optimization

The PageSpeed Optimization feature allows you to adjust your page load performance to prioritize search engine crawlers or website visitors. 

When you optimize your website performance for Google, the loading sequence of your web pages are arranged so that resource intensive elements will be deferred. This allows other web elements, like text, to load first. Google and other search engines may view this favourably and grant your web pages a higher PageSpeed score. Increasing your PageSpeed score can be a great benefit to your website’s search engine ranking and traffic, especially as Google uses PageSpeed as a direct ranking factor.

To access the PageSpeed Optimization feature, just log into your Website.com account.

1. In the website editor, click Site at top of the editor > Site Settings

Site Settings

2. Click SEO & Analytics > SEO. Scroll to find the PageSpeed Optimization feature. 

SEO & Analytics Tab

3. Choose one of the optimization options based on your preferences, and click Save and Publish.

Choose Page Load Performance

Due to the rendering priority, optimizing page performance too heavily for Google may cause visitors to see a loading delay for certain elements. Because of this reason, we recommend choosing to Optimize Equally for Visitors and Google to offer a smooth user experience, while taking Google into account.

Want to know your PageSpeed score? You can test out your website’s current PageSpeed score and assessment with PageSpeed Insights.

The website.com PageSpeed Optimization feature is an advanced SEO feature available for Website.com Business Basic plans and above.