Why You Need a Multilingual Website

Making a multiple language website is a move that can take you or your business to the very next level. If you’re on the fence about whether making your site multilingual is worth the effort, take note of the benefits that a multilingual site can have for your website, business, or brand. 

Build an International Image

When your website is available in multiple languages, you will instantly give off an international impression. This can do wonders for your reputation, as it can make your website seem more worldly and successful.

Build Trust

Your main audience may not actually be living in the same country or speaking the same language that you do! When your website is translated and customized with content that is local to your audience, it builds their trust in your website. 

Even if you have a translation tool available for your website, a site with content that is customized to its audience will appear more credible to them.

Stop Losing Visitors

Imagine stumbling upon a website with content that is displayed in a different language than the one you speak. You would most likely leave. 


Because you would assume that the content on that website is not meant for you to see.

Catering your website to a variety of audiences is an effective way to prevent the loss of potential site visitors. 

Suit Unique Cultures with Custom Content

Why stop at language? Consider customizing your content, site items, and styles to suit diverse audience trends and localize your site. 

Build Your Audience By Optimizing Multilingual SEO

When you have an idea of the audiences you want to access, having a multilingual site and setting language attributes will allow search engines to help you reach the right audience.

Get An Edge Over Competition 

Having a multilingual website has so many benefits for your business. However, many businesses still don’t have one! By putting in the extra effort to create a multilingual site, you can give yourself a clear advantage over your competition.


The Website.com site builder allows you to easily build a multilingual site. Use our unique features, such as a language switcher, multiple language site menus, and the ability to clone existing pages, to create a multilingual site and boost your business.