Allow Site Visitors To Upload Files Through Your Website

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Do you need to receive files or images from your website visitors? Good news! You can easily add a button or link to your website to allow visitors to upload files to your Dropbox account. 

This is a fantastic way to allow clients or visitors to submit documents, resumes, applications, or assets through your website. 

Create Dropbox File Request Link

Before we begin, make sure you have a Dropbox account, which allows you to share and store files. 

Once you’re logged into your Dropbox account, you can create a file request.

Just click File requests in the left sidebar. 

Now click New request above the file request list.

Enter a name for your request in the Title field.

Now add details about the request if you would like, but this is optional.

Under Folder for uploaded files, you’ll see the path to a new folder for your requested files. If you want to change the folder that the files will be uploaded to, click Change folder.

For Dropbox Pro users, there are more features you can add. For example, depending on the purpose of your website, you may want to add a password for your file request. This can help prevent you from having unwanted documents being submitted to your Dropbox account.

If you do set a password, make sure that you share the password (for example, through email or text) to visitors who you would like to upload files to you.

Click Create to continue!

To copy a link to this file request, click Copy next to Share a link instead

Once you have the link, head over to your account.

Add The Dropbox File Request To Your Website

Log into your site builder account. 

You can add this file request link to a button, or anywhere you can add a link (i.e. text, image, etc.). 

Choose a button on a section that you would visitors to click on to open the Dropbox File Request link. You can also add a new section with a button, like a Text section, by clicking Add Section under a section on a web page. For example, you may have created a “Careers” page, and you can add a new Text section which includes a button.

Click the field under Primary Button to add your link (or click on the quick link icon that appears above the button when you click on it).

In the pop up, choose Web Address.

Now paste the URL for the file request link that you created on Dropbox.

You can select Open link in new window so that visitors don’t need to exit your website when they open the link.

Finally click Save, and then publish your changes to live!

Now you can go ahead and collect documents, files and images from potential clients, prospective employees and more!

Want to watch a video tutorial! Follow along here: