EASIEST Way to Create a Brand Name

Create a Brand Name

When you’re starting a business, getting the right name can be the trickiest part. Having a great brand name can make a huge impact on capturing the right audience and making the conversions you deserve! Watch our video for brand name tips, and discover a great tool to help you create an amazing brand and domain name for your business.

Video transcript:

Hi everyone! In this video, I’m going to talk about how to come up with a successful brand name and website name for your business. 

I’m going to go over different types of brand names, and later on, I’ll show you a useful tool that can help you come up with an available, unique brand name if you’re stuck for ideas.

Before you come up with a brand name, you’ll need to think about the type of name that would work for your business. I’m going to go over some popular types of brand names. 

Classic names make your business seem trusted and classy. Classic names often include last names, like Barnes & Noble.

Emotional names appeal to the customers’ emotions, like happiness, pride or love. Examples include GreenPeace and Triumph Motorcycles.

Modern names are intriguing and feel fresh, and can sometimes be a little abstract. Some examples include Nike or Hulu. 

Clever or Playful names usually uses puns, rhymes or jokes. For example, Poo-pourri is a clever and funny brand name for a toilet bowl spray.

Pragmatic brand names describe what your business does, for example PayPal or Whole Foods. 

For an extra tip, if you want to appeal to local customers, including your City or location in your brand name can help get you found online above the competition. For example, a made up brand name could be Sally’s Pizza Vancouver.

Once you understand the different types of brand names, you can decided on the type of brand name that would appeal to your ideal customer, then brainstorm and come up with some options. 

Once you have some options, the next step is very important – you need to make sure the brand name is available to buy as your domain name. 

Your domain name is your website name, and when you have a business, one of the best ways to reach out to your customers is through a professional online presence. 

It’s also important to make sure the company name you’re thinking of has not been taken by anyone else.

So right now I’m on Website.com/domain-name-search, and I can click here and go ahead and search for the brand name option that I want to have for my business. 

For example, I want to look up the name Candy Studio for my small candy kitchen business. 

So it looks like Candystudio.com is taken, but you’ll see other available domain extensions that are available. I would prefer to have a .com extension, since it the most popular domain extension. But, if you want to target local clients, having a location specific domain extension, like .US, can help with your branding.

I’m going to click View More Domains to see if there are similar names available.

This is a great tip when you’re unsure about what to call your business. You might see some suggestions for names that are similar, but not an exact match for your original search.

For example, www.candydesignlab.com seems like an amazing name for my business, and I wouldn’t have thought of it without using this search tool!

A couple of bonus tips to think about, are: what story does your brand name tell, and does it reflect what services or products your business offers? 

For example, the name candy design lab implies that the business thinks up unique candy creations, so it definitely works for our business. 

It’s also important to think about whether your brand name can carry over to your logo, store, website design, or taglines. 

Once you’ve decided on your name, the next step is to register this domain name before someone else does – once a domain name has been registered, no one else can take it, so it’s best to register it as soon as possible.

A professional domain name comes for free with every paid plan subscription from website.com, which is perfect, so I can register my domain and build my entire website using a website.com plan. Just choose your plan and continue with the sign up process.

Once you own the domain name, make sure you protect your company brand name and identity. It’s best to consult a business lawyer so they can help you trademark and register your business.

So that’s it for this video, I hope it gives you some ideas for how to name your business and website name. Be sure to check out more Website.com videos for web design and business tutorials, and thanks for watching.