How To Clear Cache on Almost Any Browser

Clear Cache Demos

Let’s talk about clearing the cache. We’re not talking about that cash in your wallet- having too much of that is never a problem! We’re talking about web browser cache. 

Web browsers have a cache that store some files and images to help websites load faster. However, sometimes clearing the cache can help if a website is not displaying properly or you’re experiencing some website glitches. For example, performance issues can occur if a website or app has been updated, but your cache is still storing the old version. You can also encounter issues when your cache has built up over time and is starting to use too much storage space.

Here are a few simple demos to show you how to clear the cache on Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

How To Clear The Cache on Chrome

If you’re using Chrome, just click on the 3 dots on the top right to open a menu, and find Clear Browsing Data

Choose your time range and everything you want to clear. We’ll clear All Time and leave the default settings, being sure to clear the cache.

You can click into Advanced to see those options as well, but we’ll go back to Basic and then click clear data. 

How To Clear The Cache on Firefox

If you’re using Firefox, just click on the 3 lines on the right o open a menu, click History, and choose Clear Recent History. 

Adjust the time range to clear Everything, feel free to leave the default settings, and then click Clear Now.

How To Clear The Cache on Microsoft Edge

If you’re using Microsoft Edge, in the browser, just click the 3 dots on the top right to open up a men. Click History and hit the garbage can icon. You can adjust the time range but we’ll choose to clear All time. Then click Clear Now.