Best Practices For Contact Information Regarding Your Website

Contact Info Best Practices

Ready to sign up for a website plan, domain name, or transfer?

Here are some tips for following the best practices for providing your contact details when you’re signing up for (or transferring) any services related to your website hosting or domain name!

Why your contact information is so important:

  • You may need to access your email to verify your account and identity. 
  • Your account information and important login details may be sent to your email.
  • You may be sent important information and updates regarding your account.
  • Your billing information and renewal reminders will be sent to your email.
  • From time to time, ICANN (the organization in charge of coordinating the internet’s naming system), may contact domain owners to verify their ownership. Action is required on your end to prevent domain suspension, so it is important that your contact email is correct. For more information, feel free to read this article.
  • If you reach out to our support team, your contact information needs to be accurate – not only so that we are able to get in contact with you, but also, to verify your identity and ownership of your account.

Contact Information Best Practices:

Avoid using your domain email when you sign up for an account related to website services

It can be tempting to use a domain email as your contact for your matching website builder plan, or domain. However, it is best to use a third party email provider, like Gmail, as your contact email. Using a domain email address as your main contact email for your website services can be risky for a few reasons. 

For example, if your domain registration expires, you may lose access to your email. You will need to access your email to verify your identity and confirm your website details – if you don’t have access to the email, then you may not be able to regain access to your domain name.

If you are transferring your domain name, you may temporarily lose access to your domain email as it is being transferred from one provider to another. If you lose access to your email, you may not be able to verify your account and complete the transfer.

Ensure all of your contact information is entered correctly

It goes without saying, but you would be surprised how often users make a typo or spelling error during the sign up process. This is particularly easy to do by accident, especially if you are using a smartphone to complete the process. 

When signing up for website services, it is especially important to double check that your email address and phone number are accurate. This will ensure that you can be reached, should any updates be made to your account. This also allows our team to contact you about anything regarding your account.

Bonus Tip: Regularly check your junk mail and mark us as a safe sender!

Depending on your email provider, important information regarding your website services may end up in your email spam box. These emails may contain important information regarding your account status, billing, ownership verification, etc. Make sure you regularly check your junk mail, and if you find that our emails have been sent to the junk box:

  1. Move the email to your inbox
  2. Mark us as a safe sender so that future emails about your account can reach you properly

These practices will provide the best communication experience for you as you continue on your website journey! As always, our support team is here to help.